Searching for a property can be an exciting process. We hope that you did not forget to do your research first! If you missed our post about research you can have a look here – https://investmentsolutions.group/buying-a-property-research/

When it comes to searching for properties, the way to go is search engines. Just about every property (99%) is listed online. There are very few properties that are not put online and advertised. In the current market situation, just about every real estate agent wants to put it online as fast as possible. 

The main search engines in the Czech Republic are www.sreality.cz and www.bezrealitky.cz 

Sreality is the biggest website for real estate and also the most professional where agents can post their photos and information. Bezrealitky takes a different approach and is posted without a real estate agency. 

When using the search engine, make sure that you use really clear criteria for your search. You can set your price range, area, different features and more. You may not get as many search results as you would want but its probably the property you are looking for. 

Very important! Use the Czech version of the website even though there is an English version available. Most agents do not fill out information in English or have misleading information. You are better off using Google Translate. 

When searching on Sreality, make sure that you check all the listings instead of what you see on the map. Sometimes, the property has data missing or the agents are just lazy to fill out the correct information and therefore does not show up on the map. Many buyers click through the map and miss out on many amazing properties. 

It is also good to use saved searches because you will be searching on a regular basis. Use their watchdog option to get information on new properties that match your criteria. 

Careful! A lot of agents update their listings daily so do not be fooled by the date that is in the listing. In a lot of cases the property has been on the market already.