So you want you want to buy a property. You have done your research  and searched using your tips. Now you want to go ahead and have a viewing immediatly of all the properties that you have found. Wrong.

We would advice you to spend a little bit more time in your searches and study the photos as much as you can. There is alot of detail that the agents are giving you in the photos. 

Do they all add up together vs the size of the apartment? Is the bathroom missing int he photos? Why? What kind of heating system is there? Does it show the floor plans? 

If you did your research, you will know right away how much repairs will cost. 

Will this still be in your budget if you had to repair the bathroom? 

Take some time to think about your priorities again before you waste time going to various viewings that really do not interest you. There are a lot of decisions that you have to make so make sure you take your time. 

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