Property Investment in Czech Republic made easy


Buy a property to rent out long or short-term. Rental yields of 4%+ and long-term


Buy and sell future purchase contracts or renovate and sell old apartments.


Buy a property or land and wait for market development.

Crowdfunded Property Investments

Fractional investment in all kinds of development projects

Mezzanine Financing

Loan money for property development with fixed interest and timescales, secured by real estate.

Property Investment

How does it work?

We can help you decide which is the best investment model for you. This is normally based on your current income, the amount of money you have to invest and your investment goals. Options like mezzanine financing and crowdfunding will be existing, carefully selected options. Others will be bespoke options for you based on what is available on the market at the time. With any investment, we can help you through the whole process, right through to exiting.

Property Investment

How much does it cost?

With so many different options, there are equally many ways in which we benefit. For property sales we normally receive commission from the sellers of those properties. With mezzanine financing we benefit from the project itself. In every case the cost is different. All we can say is that we will be fully transparent from the beginning about all fees that you would have to pay, including our own.

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