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Czech Mortgages:

Whether you are buying a property to rent out or to own personally, ISG Invest can help you with acquiring the best possible mortgage rate. Our sister company, ISG Finance has been brokering mortgages for over 5 years with an incredible track record.

Furthermore, if you are Czech, foreign, or a company we can help find what you are looking for. Whatever your situation, we ensure the process is simple and hassle-free for our clients.

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Czech Mortgages in Plain English

At ISG, we pride ourselves on our market knowledge, attention to detail and customer service.
Czech mortgages can be complicated, especially if you are not a Czech speaker. We speak in plain English so you can understand everything. We go further, by explaining all of the small details so you are not caught out in the future.
Our relationships with the banks mean we can get those little discounts, improved products and faster decisions for our clients.

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Start Early

Measure twice, cut once. That’s an idiom we like at ISG. Starting the mortgage process early is key. Knowing everything before signing the reservation contract will avoid unnecessary issues.
ISG can help you get pre-approved, or help you lock in interest rates for 30 days. This gives you piece of mind when looking for property. We can also help you pre-evaluate your chosen property before the bank values it. Our software and market knowledge can be invaluable at this stage. All of this is for free and is part of our Buyer’s Agent service.

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Mortgages Basics

All mortgages must be secured by a property, which of course can be the property you are buying (assuming it is in private ownership). Most mortgages must be repaid by your 70th birthday (some banks may allow 5 more years), so the maximum length is dependent on your age.

The maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV) is dependent on the value of the property in question and also your status (see the tabs below). Interest rate is effected by the LTV in addition to your status.

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