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The Borivojova project started life as a completely derelict 4 room unit, with an entrance hall. The view from the hall was magnificent and we needed to make that a key feature. The view continued to the first bedroom, but was right by the entrance door. The bathroom was also in a prominent spot with the flat. We decided to move several doors and walls, as well as relocate the bathroom to the middle of the flat. This would give much better use of the space

Lights feature heavily in this apartment. Every room has spotlights in the ceiling, complimented by additional lights. The spotlights are in zones in the lounge/dining room to split it into two. The frame light above the dining table produces a great atmosphere when on by itself, as do the bedside lights which hang from the ceiling.

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The kitchen was moved to the very large entrance hall and a small area of wall opened to provide additional light. The kitchen was designed to be social, with an area acting as a breakfast bar. The units are Ikea, but we bought an oak worktop to give a more upmarket feel. ‘Metro’ tiles and gas-style lamps give the kitchen a retro feel. The flooring is all tiled with a large format grey concrete style tile, with small patterned tiles used in a central area as a centrepiece.

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